Why I’m a Terrible Blogger

Why I'm a Terrible Blogger

And I’m so happy about it! I have been talking about the blogging scene with my friends a lot lately, and I have noticed that I’m a terrible blogger. Here is why I’m awful, and the reasons why I’m like that. I’m so interested to see in couple years if I still have my blog, which if they are still on the point!

I’m not making white product shopping list guides because I’m sick of them. And I will not click your affiliate links because of that. I love the DIY tips where you show that “Hey I’m making this stocking filler and you can too” kind of things, but if it’s full of just photos of products that you haven’t even tried, I can’t trust you. So, if you are making a blog post about lipstick gift guide, make sure that you know the product is right, and you have tested it. Then I can click the link.

Instagram and Twitter for me are mostly just for stalking and enjoying photos. I post photos and tweet, but I don’t know how to grow following. I just don’t care much how many followers I have. People follow me if they want. And I love this because I’m not stressing about posting photos every day.

I don’t post outfit photos almost never. Have I done that couple times only? Don’t get me wrong; I love seeing outfit photos usually! But if it’s just outfit photo after outfit photo with always new clothes, it get’s boring and I can’t relate to it. If you are a fashion blogger where you rotate the same clothes, please link your blog in the comments. I would love to see that! But why I don’t take outfit photos? I just can’t bother doing it. I’m not confident enough in from of the camera, and usually, my outfit is only sneakers, jeans and a hoodie.

I’m not the best at promoting my content. Like, I post every blog post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, but that’s it. I post it once and almost never again, only when I need it. Because I’m not posting every day everywhere, it would be way too spammy for me if I would promote all day every day. And oh, I don’t want to spend money on Tailwind or something like that. I always pin my Pinterest pins when I’m pinning them. But it’s okay! I’m not taking any stress about it.

But still, I think I’m a pretty fantastic blogger. There is so much time going on with the photography when I’m doing a blog post. All the setting up, thinking what would look good, editing, etc. I’m so passionate about making every photo to be good. And I just love it! The writing, uuhh I have learned to love it so much! I’m not the best at writing English (I use Grammarly to help me with it), but I’m learning every day, and I notice that fewer mistakes are made. Also, I’m so into testing products when I’m doing a review, and I will tell you my honest opinion.

I’m so proud of my blog, and I think that’s the most important thing. I put so much work into this, and I love every second of making my blog what it is.