When I started blogging with my domain and website, I was blown away how many plugin options there are. Like, how many Facebook plugins do you need? So! I have collected five favorite plugins that I use and love.

Disqus | I didn’t like the comment system before I downloaded this one because you always needed to add your email and name. It’s too much work! For some reason, Disqus has so many bad reviews because of affiliate links, but I haven’t had that problem. I don’t know… I haven’t looked into that since it works perfectly for me and many other bloggers use this too. So why it has so many bad reviews? Anyways, I like it. It’s easy to use, looks good and you don’t need to log in every time you want to comment.

Yoast SEO | Oh my! I’m 100% sure that you have heard of this before, but you really should get this one. Like right now. Yoast SEO helps me so much with my SEO, and it even helped me to learn it! I didn’t have a clue how to do it before I activated this and there is no going back. This plugin deserves every compliment it has ever gotten. It’s amazing, easy to use and right under your blog post writing space, so you can’t help but notice it. You get that little readability and SEO dots on the right side of your screen, so you know that you have done right if it’s green.

Contact Form 7 | I don’t have an experience with other contact forms because I fell in love with this one instantly. It was so easy to setup and works like a dream! I have added some contact info in my contact page too, so it looks even better. But yeah! It’s straightforward and simple, which is the most important thing.

Google Analytics | There are like millions app for this. I have tested a couple, and they all worked the same way. But now I have been using >> this one << and it works just fine. Do you want to track your website? Install Google Analytics. You need it! Anyways, the reason why I like this one the best was the installing. It was easy! And I like the little Google Analytics dashboard in my dashboard. It doesn’t show all the info, but just something interesting.

TinyMCE Advanced | If you don’t have this, you should go and install it immediately. This plugin gives you so many ways to edit your text than the regular WordPress one. I didn’t even try to find others after this! At first, it might seem like wow there is so much stuff going on in the post writing, but after a while, you already know how to work with everything. Trust me with this one, just install it.

Do you use any of these? What’s your favorite plugin? I would love to know!